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  • A picture of the front of the card including the bubble and action figure. The cart has a picture of the character Will Scarlett printed on it in full color to the right of the bubble, which sits on the bottom left of the cart.
  • A picture of the whole back cart. It has instructions on how to fire the crossbow, images and names of other action figures available, and images and titles of playsets available.
  • A picture of the back of the card featuring a black and white diagram of how to fire the crossbow. The instructions under the first image read "Load arrow into hole in crossbow." the text under the second image reads "To fire it, flick end of arrow with finger as shown". The image shows a black and white hand ready to flick the arrow as described in the instructions.
  • A picture of the action figure inside the bubble. It has brown hair, a cloth shirt, red painted on pants, boots, a quiver with three white arrows, and a brown crossbow at his feet.
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Robin Hood POT Will Scarlett W/Crossbow Action figure Kenner 1991

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Robin Hood POT Will Scarlett W/Crossbow Action figure Kenner 1991. Great condition, complete, bubble sealed. Minimal scratching to front cart. See pictures for details.